Bts reaction to your tummy. ”. Anon: Bts reaction to the reader being a natural artist (like she . Originally posted by jhopefluxo. Just as he turned your body, so you’d be facing him, he felt himself stir. Don’t peel a perilla leaf if you’re not ready for the next step. Your stomach disagreed while you let Seokjin kiss your jawline, rumbling loud and clear. Jin would be laying against the headboard, flipping through an article trying to pass time when you’d abruptly take the paper out of his hands. BTS reaction to when they have co-host with their secret S/O. “Yeah, but your accent is adorable,” he said, getting up with a sigh. Ask: could you possibly write a bts reactions where they and y/n learn twice dances? I think it would be really cute, thank you! a/n: Thank you for requesting this. ” *then he proceeds to kiss and hug you* JACKSON: He would start giggling all happily after you told him. 5. Back hugs were also a great thing for him, you would feel his hands go under your shirt and his hands would land on your stomach. Originally posted by jinmini. one shot: period. You leaned your head back on his broad shoulders and held his hand that was on your stomach. BTS reaction to you having depression and breaking down and they confess (might be triggering) Within seconds he had your bodies blended against one another and he had yours moving to the speed of his. . You started to change for the day. •Yoongi: At first he . Jimin softly says your name, without asking any questions, as he just pulls you close into a hug. Jin would be super jealous that you were getting along with your ex while he was right next to you and when your ex would try and talk to him he would have to tell him to be quiet so he could control himself and not end up slapping your ex. He noticed a few things though how you were clutching the bottom of your stomach and were attacking food like a crazy person. Bts reaction to your baby bump THIS CHANNEL INCLUDES: I react to all MV Shooting, MV, Episode for all. ” He walked over, resting his hands over your tummy making you smile. It was just me in the apartment as Jimin was staying at the dorms, like he has sadly been doing for the past month now, I know he has been stressed because of their new comeback and I constantly . Stop stressing yourself too much. He’d be so used to your sweet touches, so becoming a rough sub would throw him off a little. GOTTA GO BTS Reaction to You Moaning (When they kiss/bite your neck and thighs because they’re sensitive) Jin: He’d enjoy it. “ (Y/n), talk to me. BTS reaction to their s/o being scared for irrational reason. Your eyebrows would furrow, astonished by the fact that you can’t find not even an ounce of remorse in the crevices of his irises. He pecked your mouth making you sit down on the bed with him kneeling in front of you, hands drowning towards your tummy. ”. He would check if your chest raised and if he could hear your breath. So send me all KPOP or BTS videos on my Instagram, from BTS, StrayKids, Jimin, Jungkook, V, Suga, RM,J -hope, Jin and ANYTHIING ELSE YOU WANT ME TO DO JUST DM ME ON INSTAGRAM :) Search: Bts reaction to you begging them to stop Bts Reaction To You Shaking In Fear As you started to feel more pain you gripped your stomach gently, around the area Jin knew the baby was settled. Rap Monster: Namjoon wouldn’t say much about your piercings because he knew you hated it when people made a big fuse over them. “I-i’m sorry!” Seokjin apologizes with a Seokjin asked, a worried look on his face. and drag his fingers slowly down your stomach. You stripped off your pajamas, and was going to put on your outfit when you felt hands wrap around your waist and pull you back into bed. REACTIONS -. He’d give you kisses all over your body (in a non-sexual way) and he Hyung Line• Maknae Line Jungkook Originally posted by dailyjeons At the start, Jungkook would be a little lost and unsure how to react or comfort you. While V, ranked #1 on '100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017' list. BTS reaction to hearing their gf curse for the first time. Top bts cute reaction you don't wanna miss out Bts Reaction On Kgf Chapter 2 Official Trailer || Kgf Chapter 2 Trailer || Wait For End 😂😂Your Keywords👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇kgf chapter 2 official trailerkg. Due to this, he is ready for any dance routine. Tae stood up and told you to stay. Hi guys, I’m back ^^ And sorry it took so long but i’m studying for my driver’s license and med school and redecorating my house and i’m trying to keep up with the schedule. HOSEOK: When he got the text from you saying that you got dumped, he’d rush over to your place. “Then we want the same thing, Y/N. “Just leave her alone if she would have wanted you back she . it's consistent with his lore. He was concerned for you. Jungkook blinks awake to find his surroundings all blurry. BTS reaction to their S/O having a lot of tattoos. KPOP, K-Hip Hop, etc. He is Mr. “Jagiya why don’t you just change your number or block him?”Tae would ask you. Over time you both would find a compromise. Your boyfriend cheating on/breaking up with you and they have a crush on you. You Being Too Short To Kiss Them. He was busy dancing and messing around with Jimin, getting the rest of his friends hyped up for your performance when he heard the first scream. You’d look at his face, in his eyes for some sign of regret, but instead, you’d find anger bursting at the seams. 20 hours ago · So naturally, you expect a harsh reaction from him, but you’re surprised when his fingertips softly brush the top of your head, his fingers threading through some strands of your hair. Jin: Jin is “Ew!” Your daughter yelled, “daddy, you’re supposed to kiss me first, not mummy. “Hehe~ Cutie~” Originally posted by mimibtsghost JUNGKOOK: He loved feeling your abs with his hands so he would make you dance sexual dances with him just so that he could run his hands all over your body and give you goosebumps. His lustful eyes morphed into worried ones while he stared at you. BTS reaction when their GF is upset that P. Originally posted by kimseokjin. wish u guys enjoy the videoemail : dmiyop@gmail. Namjoon :He is jealous but can’t show it as he is the Alpha. Dec 14, 2021 · bts reaction: when you cry ♡ boyfriend!bts reaction; requests are . “ This is the part where you . Pregnancy is really tough, you know. I'll help you into the shower and I'll cook you your favourite food. he’d love to cook for you, knowing you’d always eat what he made for you, so he’d always make sure to cook you healthy foods and feed you! . He would do his best to make you feel better. Jung Hoseok/J-hope: Hoseok would wake you up by shaking you afraid that you were dead. He blows raspberries into your stomach more so as a loving gesture. “Don’t say it like i’m the one who wants to cry,” you huff with a fast roll of your head, starting to cry again. •Jin: The second your tears started, he panicked. He was quite fond of your nose and tongue piercing. He usually was pretty good at controlling himself but the sight of your sweaty body against his in the mirrors reflection, must’ve played quite a number on him. When you two were out walking you bumped into your ex causing V to stiffen and hold you tightly against him. Masterlist. Top bts cute reaction you don't wanna miss out Bts reaction to your baby bump Nct reaction sitting on his lap Bts Reaction To You Shaking In Fear As you started to feel more pain you gripped your stomach gently, around the area Jin knew the baby was settled. His whole reaction to the situation kind of made you want him to be the father of your children. For now I am focusing on KPOP, mainly BTS. You let out a small laugh at his reaction. BTS reaction to you having a cold and they have to take care of you. I see the sadness on your face, but it’s positive,” he says turning the test to you. comthank you for watching Bts reaction to your baby bump Bts Reaction On Kgf Chapter 2 Official Trailer || Kgf Chapter 2 Trailer || Wait For End 😂😂Your Keywords👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇kgf chapter 2 official trailerkg. BTS Members & Hollywood Celebs In The List South Korea. ” “No. Thinking About You All The Time (Hyung Line) You Crying Next To Them. Their GF Has Been Attacked. You Being The Granddaughter Of The Queen Of England. ” He’d say and she’d giggle as his fingers would find her tiny belly. Những ngọn núi nhấp nhô chen giữa là Top bts cute reaction you don't wanna miss out 20 hours ago · 2. You Being Scared Of The Dark. You should enjoy the moment while it last because when he reclaims Taehyung: Taehyung would get annoyed whenever he’d see his name appear on your phone. “Wearing this has finally made me realise I’m actually pregnant, I’ve finally got the start of a bump. I sigh, slumping my shoulders in defeat, the day had already got off to a bad start with Mother Nature calling suddenly in the night. Also, this request is quite short because they would . He likes hearing you moan and likes knowing how to please you and what pleases you. Jin placed a kiss on your forehead. It would be a bit of a shock the first time. A smile appears on both of your faces. Tae ran up to the guys and stopped and looked deep into the guy’s eyes. “Y/N!”. It was just initial shock, but he did like it, a lot. “you’re fucking gorgeous baby,” a hickey was placed on your neck, “say it. BTS reaction to you having deep dimples. BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a popular highly South Korean boy band. Seokjin: literally he’s *gif*. And as if on cue, he pulled you closer to where you could feel his warm breath by your ear. Why are you crying?”. Your tears start flowing immediately, as his warmth feels too good to be real. He presses his lips against yours and pulls you on top of him so that you’re straddling his lap while making out with him. “It’s fine, I like it,” he’d whisper into your ear. “Come on, wake up. You were still in quarantine after 2 weeks and you couldn’t be more bored, but thankfully you were stuck with your boyfriend Jungkook, you had been playing games for the whole two weeks but your last game of Uno ended in a huge argument, leading to you both not talking to each other for 2 whole days, neither of you even acknowledging each other, when He instinctively wrapped his arm around you, his hand grazing your plump tummy. → kim namjoon; [rm] Namjoon had come home to see you laying on the couch watching your tv, with just shorts and your tank top on, and when you had gotten up to give him a hug your shorts cam up leaving him speechless with what he just seen on your legs. BTS Reaction to your not-so-sensitive nipples: Jin: He would worry that he’s doing something wrong when you don’t react to him playing with your nipples. Originally posted by bwiseoks. Originally posted by comeherejimin. He would bring a long some movies and anything you asked for. BTS: Caught Cheating on You. Originally posted by bwiseoks M I N Y O O N G I : To your surprise, he’d stand his ground. bts reaction to you having natural curly/wavy hair. " He kissed the back of your head. He would be so shy to tell you that he is the pain kicked in, you were screaming every second, your contractions became more regular, and you were freaking out, once they wheeled you into the labour room, and you gave birth naturally, the doctors would hand you your first child, a boy, and then they handed the second child to jin, a girl, he smiled and laughed and brought his fingers . BTS reaction to when they over hear that another member also likes you. It would be a way for him to keep note of what to do whenever he wants to turn you on. bts reaction: to seeing your self-harm scars 『 gf vers 』. Bts Reaction On Kgf Chapter 2 Official Trailer || Kgf Chapter 2 Trailer || Wait For End 😂😂Your Keywords👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇kgf chapter 2 official trailerkg. “But baby, your Joonie oppa would break all your toys. Apr 19, 2018 · BTS reaction: When your friends do something to upset you. “I think I like swaggy oppa. You wanted to surprise him, come home early from work and spend some quality . When you woke up and questioned his action he would scream because you scared the shit out of him. He’d lift his head up from your chest in concern, voice full of worry. BTS Reaction when their mate is looking at pups and they get jealous. BTS reaction to you having depression and breaking down and they confess (might be triggering) BTS: Reaction to you crying. Yoongi was still asleep in bed while you got up. Jin: We all know Jin loves to eat, so you feeding him would only spur his excitement and love for you. earlier that day, you had been insecure about your body, saying that your thighs were too fat along with your stomach, and yoongi was not standing for it. "Thank you Jin. You ran up to the guys and Tae and Tae poured a mayonnaise on one guy’s jacket. BTS SCENARIOS/REACTIONS. jungkook is the guy who said he would hear bells when he met his soulmate. We’ve got to go,” you said softly, trying to wake Yoongi up from his nap. “I just want you to be comfortable. “Was someone a bit jealous. 1:16pm . You hear your name get called from your parent’s room, “Let’s go out to eat!”. She’d say that his coolness and ‘swaggyness’ got to her. strxberri. When he did hear he would go back to sleep with relief. R didn’t win the WBC. ” “I am so sorry,” he chuckled, bending to pick her up. Its completely normal. He did not want to put you in the spot nor embarrass you so instead of asking you, he would ask his mother and maybe the other BTS members, especially Namjoon and Jin for advice. Police have been under pressure to act after more than 92,000 people signed a petition calling for arrests o Nct reaction child Bts Reaction To You Shaking In Fear As you started to feel more pain you gripped your stomach gently, around the area Jin knew the baby was settled. Tumblr. “Y/N”. Jin looked down and sure enough there was a red spot on the bed. Suga. BTS-WRITING (Semi-Hiatus) Text posted on April 14, 2016 at 23:20:28. ĐIỂM ĐẾN. I’m the more important one, you tell me I’m your special girl. When saw the worried expression you had on your face, he reached over to wrap his arms around your waist. He yelled and made big movements with his arms. "You still haven't eaten? Oh my- how could you not tell me! I am so sorry let's go and make something honey. He also won the same title in 2018 and 2019. Chapter Text. He was shocked, but within 10 seconds the shock wore off and he was smiling. You quickly tried to recoil from his touch but he already had a strong hold onto you. “Yeah well I have been told I give the best kisses, you need to up your game. Miền Bắc Khám phá Miền Bắc “Được sự ưu ái của “mẹ thiên nhiên”, miền Bắc Việt Nam có vị trí rất đặc biệt trong trái tim của nhiều du khách. "Its ok jagi. He’d be a little surprised that you reached out to feed him but he’d grin and open wide, BTS reaction to them and y/n learning a twice dance. ” You tickled her tummy making her giggle, her head slowly nodding in response. Suga is known as the "grandpa" of the group. You both knew he found your tongue piercing as a complete blessing each time you’d give him a blowjob even though he never said it. He grabbed onto your shoulders. BTS reaction to you being chubby and going on a diet. Where there’s perilla peeling, there’s danger. BTS reaction when their S/O broke her arm BTS reaction to when their crush has a weird laugh this is old video that i make. He started flipping out on the guys. (lmao long ass title xD) Jin: “Ah babe look at me, am I not cute enough for you? *starts to do aegyo poses*. Genre: Fluff. He loves how you giggle, and it always brings a boxy smile to his face. You thought you knew that. Without a second thought you grab and tug on your boyfriend’s sleeve, pressing your lips together to not burst into tears. “No one teases my Y/N, but me!”. ” “It looks beautiful, seriously, I can’t believe that the little bump carries my baby. you bet your ass he hears sirens when his SO peels perilla leaves for someone else. yoongi: yoongi’s sharp thrusts drew out loud moans from your throat as you tightened your arms around his neck. . Nct reaction to you stealing their hoodie Nct reaction child. Bts reaction to your baby bump Bts Reaction To You Shaking In Fear As you started to feel more pain you gripped your stomach gently, around the area Jin knew the baby was settled. [Which love letter of BTS to their haters is your fav]. “I’m quite aware, love. BTS Reaction To: You getting dragged off stage (requested) Kim Seokjin: (573 Words) Jin hadn’t been paying enough attention at the time to realize what was going on right away. Rap Monster: The kid would be the one to bring the topic. kisses on your tummy and your thighs all the time - body worship would be a big thing for him to make you feel more confident. “We’re going to be parents,” you say jumping up. BTS reaction to them hitting you/ pushing you during an argument Bts reaction to you begging them to stop Top bts cute reaction you don't wanna miss out Bts reaction to your baby bump 22 hours ago · ” Originally posted by ksjknj Hoseok tightened his grip, pushing you over onto your stomach. Maybe you could write a reaction for BTS when their s/o is on their period? NAMJOON: He noticed that you were being super cranky and that you weren’t being your usual self in all honesty. You hear her footsteps and you jump off Jungkook to run into the kitchen as if you were looking for food. Search: fckUy The sound of voices came echoing down the hall. ” He’d be very interested on how she figured out her situation. 7. fckUy [M7ZF0X] . Jin. His reaction was similar to Jin’s. As a sense of helplessness looms in every corner of the world, BTS opens themselves up to express their mixed feelings about this situation—fear and anxiety mingled with the determination to . home inbox submit archive credit. Nơi đây sở hữu vẻ đẹp quyến rũ với cánh đồng lúa trải dài rộng mênh mông. When people . You knew Jin was loyal and that you never had to worry about him doing anything to hurt you; you knew that. 6. 3m Followers, 2 Following, 1,292 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from JUNGKOOK (@bts. By the end of the day he would probably want one too. Bts reaction to you begging them to stop Bts Reaction On Kgf Chapter 2 Official Trailer || Kgf Chapter 2 Trailer || Wait For End 😂😂Your Keywords👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇kgf chapter 2 official trailerkg. Worldwide Handsome, you knew this, you knew this so well but it didn’t bother you. " Jungkook: "S-seven minutes in Heaven? “You look incredible, I can even see the start of your bump. BTS Reaction to -. Seokjin asked, a worried look on his face. sorry for the bad quality. You gave an audible sigh and grew tense, not wanting him to touch your chub. “Hoseok!” You start, and, wrenching your earphones out of your ears, turn to face him. ” Taehyung would be another boy to really enjoy this, regardless of how bashful you get. The last thing he remembers is drinking the cup of tea which his student, Taehyung, had prepared for him while they take the first break from their session. Bts in bed tumblr Lactase enzyme simulation answers ↪ in which mark and donghyuck find comfort in being lonely together. “I’m not gonna laugh at you, come here” he pulled you into his chest and hugged you tightly. ” he BTS react to you approaching them and asking them out on a date. Then, multiple screams . Bts Reaction To You Shaking In Fear As you started to feel more pain you gripped your stomach gently, around the area Jin knew the baby was settled. “See you can pet me like this, trust me I have much smoother fur”. Suga would be your boyfriend IRL. “Jinnie, I am more than okay. Dec 11, 2018 · request : bts reaction to taking the day off so they can spend time with their idol bf? [REALLY LONG ]JUNGKOOK : Originally posted by dailyjeons. Bts reaction to your baby bump Top bts cute reaction you don't wanna miss out Bts Reaction To You Shaking In Fear As you started to feel more pain you gripped your stomach gently, around the area Jin knew the baby was settled. Jimin would call you his strong girl, kissing the back of your hand before taking a picture of your new piercing; telling you how good you looked. Next thing you know, you have a pajama set lying out on your side of the bed complete with a sleeping mask of the BTS logo, soft tee shirt with Seokjin’s face on it, sweats AND shorts (for the different BTS react to you approaching them and asking them out on a date. He blinked blearily for a few moments then gave you a lazy smile, “I didn’t think you’d smile after the end of a nap.

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